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The Poet's Life and Work


Veronica Micle's husband dies. Together with Eminescu, she makes unaccomplishable marriage plans.


He works hard with the editorial staff of Timpul (The Time). He gives up the idea of marrying Veronica Micle.


He is still an editor at Timpul (The Time). He publishes four of the five Letters. His relationship with Veronica Micle is going to be deteriorated.


He continues his work at Timpul (The Time). At Junimea (Youth) meetings in Bucharest, he reads the poem Hyperion on two occasions. Mite Kremnitz, Maiorescu's sister in law, translates it into German. The volume


In the second half of August, he shows several signs of mental disorder and he is put in a sanatorium in Bucharest. In October, he is sent to a sanatorium in Ober-Dobling, now a district of Vienna. At the end of December, the volume Poems is published in Bucharest, guided and bearing an introduction by Titu Maiorescu.


contains 44 of Eminescu's poems compiled from different publications and twenty-six unpublished items. It is the only poetry volume published during his lifetime.


In February he leaves the sanatorium and goes on a journey to Italy. At the end of March, he arrives in the country. In September he is appointed as an librarian assistant at the Central Library from Iasi.


Besides the job he has at the library, he also provides lectures at the commercial school. During the summer, he undergoes a (mud) bathing cure at a sanatorium near Odessa. The second edition of his volume of poetry is published.








(Titu Maiorescu) 

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