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The Poet's Life and Work


He continues to work at the library, occupying himself with small jobs: he writes the paylist and the letters that go with it, all sorts of memoranda for the handing back of the borrowed books and for summoning the library board. In summer, his disease recurses. He is transported to a madhouse neighbouring a monastery.


After coming out of the madhouse, we find him in Botosani, looked after by his younger sister. He goes on a journey to Halle for treatment, then he returns to Botosani.


Veronica Micle persuades Eminescu to move to Bucharest. The third edition of his volume of poetry is published at the end of the year.










(The last photo of the poet, made in Jean Bielig' s studio in Botosani, in 1887)


In February, his health is put to serious damage. He is first hospitalized, then put into a sanatorium. On 15th of June he dies. He is buried on 17th of June.


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