Icons, old and new - (pages 3 - 4)
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These are the ones entitled to govern the country according to the French laws. Some individuals of high social ranks get involved in politics, while the people grow more and more impoverished and debased, because of endless hardships they have to bear and the complicated administrative system does not fit their needs. This state offers thousands of various pretexts for supplementary jobs, paid in cash by the work of the people forced to sell their labour in advance, in order to support the scum of lawyers the Romanian State.

What are these harmful elements doing in the public life of State? What are they actually doing, since their only purpose is to obtain wealth and honours in the name of the State? While State should be nothing but the elementary way of organizing human needs. Who are these dummies who want to live by no work, knowledge or heritage and simply by having two or three public jobs, even if they are fully incompetent in any of them? Why is Mr. X a university professor? Though he is not able to write an entire correct Romanian sentence and his knowledge is inferior to a primary school teacherís in the neighbouring countries, he pretends to be an important politician and statesman.

What are they looking for? We shall provide some answers to these questions.

Our laws are imported. They are meant for a phase of social evolution that existed in France, but not in our country. We built pews in our nationalityís church without taking into account that we did not have enough personalities to occupy them. Because of lacking a capable middle class, these pews were taken over by stupid riff-raffs, by contemptible people whose work and mind are a dime a dozen. From intellectually and morally points of view, these creeps prove plebeians. They risk everything, as they have nothing to lose. They are the meanest and the most abject people in Romanian towns, because, unfortunately, our people are at the crossroads of three different civilizations: the Slavic, the Western and the Asian one. The rabble of Orient and Occident, Greeks, Jews or Bulgarians has settled down in our towns and their children have become our liberals. When one attacks them, they claim everything Romanian is attacked and the attacker is not a patriot.

True Romanians are people like Mr. Serurie (who wrote a volume of Greek poetry), Mr. Andropulos (who mocks at our army by forcing it to perform in a circus), Mr. C.A.Rosetti, Mr. Carada and Mr. Candiano. All these are the presumed bearers of ancient names, mentioned in old Romanian chronicles, while we - peasants of all kinds, the true natives of this country - are just some strangers selling our country to the highest bidder.

Liberals are the elite and foundation of Romania. We are just remnants of the ancient native population who do not deserve to be paid heed to. Well, we owe you an apology, masters of the Arions and Caradas.


We apologize for believing that we have been living in our own country and for holding personal opinions. Please, forgive us for not noticing that we are in Bulgaria and for not being eager to fight for those poor Greeks and Bulgarians.

Cannot you see that various masters have enslaved us, indeed? Cannot you really see that we sent our children to sacrifice themselves so for Mr. Anghelescu to enjoy the fruits? Moreover, even that ink-black Romanian gypsy dares publish a newspaper in which he slings mud at us every day. Are all these not enough for you, yet, dear masters?

Now, whether you can forgive us or not, let us talk and see what exactly you want. If you consider yourselves entitled in making demands, let us inquire you: what do you produce? Please, would you be so kind as to point out to us the owners of the big capital assets or of the factories or the middle class representative? We have in mind the ones different from those trifles presented in such newspapers as Telegraful (The Telegrapher) or (The Romanian). We are thinking of different people from the ones who are present at Parliamentís nonsense factory on Dealul Mitropoliei (Metropolitan Hill). For we do not believe that you dare ask us to buy Mr. Ionescuís blabbering for Lyon silk or Mr. Popovici-Urecheís empty talk for Manchester cloth.

This is a strange country, indeed! Most of these gentlemen were trained by State. This State supported them when attending boarding schools, in order to enable them earning their honest living.

Nevertheless, the result was just the opposite. After they had completed their so-called education, these gentlemen turned again to State, so to ask for a decent life. Which means that State should feed them until they die. However, that is not all.

Their lordships wish to live like real boyars. Wages of 300 to 500 francs a month are not enough to make them work in such a way as to be somehow useful to the nation that pays their bills. They consider themselves destined for higher social ranks: deputies, ministers, ambassadors, professors and members of the Academy. These are careers that their parents (once vendors of ale and Turkish delight or door-to-door beggars) had never dreamt or even had the right to dream of. This was because their children were not Charming Princes, but stupid ugly ordinary creatures.

There are two possibilities: either these people are all brilliant and, due to the quality of their intellectual activity, on this ground they fully deserve the place they occupy, or, considering that they produce no valuable thing (but for their own needs), they must be cast back into the darkness where they belong.

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